Baronial awards are bestowed by the landed Barons and Baronesses, often in response to recommendations they receive from the populace.

To recommend someone for an award contact the Baron and Baroness.

Order of Saint Florian

The Order of St Florian was created by Gabriel and Constanzia in July 2001 to honour those who have, with vision and great initiative, taken it upon themselves to positively shape and influence it’s traditions, it’s culture and the manner in which St Florian is able to achieve greatness.


The Metier was created by Gabriel and Constanzia in July 2001 to recognize those artisans who, through great craftsmanship and skill have enhanced the reputation and appearance of our Barony and its people.


The Bouget was created by Gabriel and Constanzia in July 2001 to recognise those people, through their service, have borne the load of duty and responsibility to enrich our gatherings and surrounds through immense and varied service. This is not limited to those members within the Barony, but is able to be given to anyone who has provided great service to members of the Barony.


The Boucliet was created by Giles and Maud in 2006 to reward any who serve the Barony in any martial capacity.

Le Feu

Le Feu (The Fire) was created by Bain and Bianca in 2013; given to members of our Barony to recognise the warmth their grace and courtesy provide to those around them and through their presence, the encouragement they provide to stoke similar behaviours in others.

The Ceinture: The Belt of St Florian

Those who have been with us for only a short time, and yet have shared with us their enthusiasm and fully participated in our events, are the life-blood of our Society. In the Barony of Saint Florian- de-la-Riviere we recognise those newcomers who, through their participation and enthusiasm, have enriched our Barony. Wear this belt with pride, knowing that it symbolises our appreciation for your enthusiasm, despite the short time you have spent with us. Know that if you need help you need only call on us and we will answer.

Baronial Cyphers

The Baron and Baroness bestow Baronial Cyphers upon those who significantly enrich their tenure. The tokens change throughout time.